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Replacement Hinges / Mounting Brackets for Bow to Beach Ladders

Only $39.95 per pair with Pins
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These were offered on line as a option for Bow to Beach Ladders a few years ago. I am sure you can make these steps yourself.

DIY  wide steps for Bow to Beach Ladders

Buy2 6"x8' Hollow core Deck boards for steps. $35 ea

Trim left over deck boards into 2" x 3" blocks for under steps.

Buy 1 1/2 inch stainless screws to attach under board. 1lb box 15.99

Buy  clevis pins with ring to attach steps. 2x steps @ $.94 ea

Buy  No slip strip to put on steps 14 for $5.83


Cut boards with slight over lap length to width of stairs.
You will get 4 stairs to a 8' board. Save extra piece.
Cut the extra piece down the middle (3" ) then cut into
2" x 3" blocks for under the step.
Measure the thickness of your ladder rung to place the block
on the bottom and also the indside width of the ladder.
Screw block onto the bottom of the step use 2 screws per block.
Drill holes in side of ladder to hold the wide step block.
Put on no slip strips.


You might want a 2 board top step for a platform.
The steps will need to be added and removed each time the ladder is deployed.



Download the PDF for DIY wide steps

They are so easy to use - watch video

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